A Place Called Ayodhya – It’s time to move on!!!

As of October 02, 2010

O yes, the verdict is finally out… nobody gets the full dairy-milk… share the pieces brothers!!! Ya, that’s what our parents taught us when we were kids… Everybody happy (or sad, may be). Ya, only those for whom it matters!!!

I am not sure if I’d be visiting Ayodhya in my life, let alone for the temple. No no, I am not an atheist… but no place for religious fanaticism either. And I am sure; there are millions of young Indians who are in the same boat as I am. The sacred birthplace of Lord Ram has been polluted over the years by our great politicians and so-called religious leaders. It’s time to bury old wounds and start afresh.

The other day, I was reading the question by Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai on IBN who asked, HAS YOUNG INDIA MOVED WELL BEYOND AYODHYA?

If I consider my own observation, definitely it seems that the youngIndiahas better things to worry about than just Ayodhya. While an average youth struggles to make the ends meet in this country with rising inflation, fuel prices, food shortage (needless to say, artificial) and, oh how can I forget, Naxalism and Terrorism (icing on the top); it’s insane to believe that today’s youth will be bothered by such verdicts. As in one of the shows on TIMES NOW (not sure, I even saw Star News, Aaj Tak and India TV on that day :P), statistics revealed that the number of people in the country who have heard about Ayodhya issue has been decreasing over the years. These are, definitely, the signs of change. A change, that drives the newIndiato endeavor for a better future rather than fight over the history.

This, definitely, does not undermine the importance of Ayodhya issue. An issue, that has the potential to setIndiaablaze, for which RED ALERT was declared in number of cities across the nation, cannot be undermined for sure. However, if I consider my own observation, the anxiety about the verdict was more due to its consequences. Young India was not worried whether it would be a temple or a Masjid. With a country with more number of temples, mosques and churches than schools, colleges and universities, one temple/mosque less shouldn’t make any difference. And for a developing country likeIndiastruggling to make its mark on the world map, religious fights will only push us back in time instead of progressing ahead. Young India, instead, was worried that if the verdict goes in the favor of one party, it would lead to bloodiest consequences.

Well, good that Allahabad High Court followed the path of non-alignment (thanks Mr. Nehru!!!) to provide a verdict that would pacify both the parties (or three if we include Nirmohi Akhara). Three days on, no signs of any disturbances. Let the wisdom prevail!!!


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