From Anti-Corruption to Anti-Congress

As of October 09, 2011


So, Team Anna is back. This time, taking the Congress, head-on, in the electoral field. As the Congress gears up for the Hisar bypolls, it faces an unlikely hurdle. With Team Anna urgeing the voters of Hisar, not to cast a single vote for the ruling party, what is amusing is that it still maintains that this is an extension of their anti-corruption campaign to pressurize government to pass the JLP in winter session.

Quoting what the Team Anna member Manish Sisodia, “vote for any party, but don’t vote for the Congress” This is where it seems the agenda of Team Anna has shifted from Anti-Corruption to Anti-Congress. This is where the hypocrisy comes into picture. Is Congress the only party which is corrupt? More than the continuation of anti-corruption campaign, it looks more like a continuation of “we want power but not accountability” campaign. While the Team Anna is using their power to influence people, it is not using it in right direction and through right means. What is not understood here is that not voting for Congress doesn’t change anything. The people will vote for some other party which is also equally or more corrupt – “Ek gunde ki jagah doosra gunda aa jaayaega….. aayenga to gunda hi”.

If the team is really serious about the anti-corruption campaign, they themselves should have stood up in the elections and should have asked for votes. Or the least, should have appealed the electorate to vote for the cleanest candidate in the constituency – irrespective of the political party.

However, it seems the campaign is acting as tool to fulfill the Team’s political aspirations and gradually setting up a pro-Anna and anti-Congress wave in the country so that when the elections happen, much less of the work remains to be done. While the opposition lacks the firepower to remove the ruling party, an anti-campaign of this sort will certainly help BJP as well to rack-in some extra hate-votes. With RSS supporting Anna’s movement, it seems to be visible where the tide is moving ahead. However, it looks like Team Anna completely ignored what BJP did in Karnataka. In a hypothetical situation, if there are elections in Karnataka, it would be interesting to see whom Team Anna plans to overthrow.

For the moment, the seemingly unimportant election has gained extensive spotlight at the national level due to clash of the titans.


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