Let the Blue Boyz Breathe – GO INDIA GO!!!

Yes, they were beaten. Not once, not twice, not thrice….6 times back-to-back. Their strength didn’t click when needed. When it clicked a little, it was too late. The Delhi Gate (Sehwag-Gambhir) has closed within minutes in all the four innings contributing only 57 runs. Aussies are able to find holes in the WALL. The best, the little master has been able to do in the tour is to pull the crowds that eagerly awaits the illusive magical moment. The famous “Aussie Specialist” hasn’t lived up to his legacy. The promising fresh blood talks more with fingers than bat. Above all, the captain cool is facing the challenge and humiliation of his life in the island continent.

Yes, they are down. It’s not really nadir as they still have option to lay down their weapons at Perth and Adelaide. But hey, are these the same guys that gave us the first World Cup in 28 years? Are these the same bunch of so-called losers (that we call them right now) who didn’t lose a single test match for 14 consecutive tests? Are these the same people who have made India’s overseas record far better than what it used to be in the 80s and 90s?

But the moment they start having a rough patch, allegations galore. Coming from fans is always disheartening, but coming it from the people, who know the game inside-out, is killing. Yes, they did go-karting – so what? The first little master seems to be more worried about his name on that trophy than the team itself. Is this the same guy who scored 36 runs playing full quota of 60 overs in an ODI? Is this the same Gavaskar who himself had one disastrous Aussie tour of 118 runs in three test matches in 1980-81? Yes, Laxman hasn’t clicked yet, but all he will need would be that one innings to zip the lips of his critics. It’s not often that someone like Shastri comes up with sheer non-sense. Rohit Sharma has shown the promise, but to put him in front of Pattinson & Co and that too on a killer wicket like Perth, will be a dual suicide if he replaces Laxman. As if Kohli hasn’t served his role of finger-full teeth-less tiger.

While this utter crap hasn’t really helped the Indian team to get themselves up for the next encounter, what it has done is give voices to snakes. It gave guts to a moron like Rashid Latif to suggest the GOD to get counseling. It gave the most useless player in the Aussie side (Haddin) to comment on fragility of Indian cricket team. Australian tour has always been about war of words rather than bat-ball. The current situation will only catalyze the Australian media to print more fiction about Indian team.

Meanwhile, yes I will wake up tomorrow morning to tune into Star Sports to see how the heros fare on the deadly Perth wicket. The heroes who gave me that moment to realize what it feels like to be a citizen of the World Cup winning country. To watch the little master who gave nightmares to world’s best leg spinner. To watch the Delhi Dasher who can be a death-package to any bowling attack in the world. To watch the Wall on whom, not only the team, but even fans rely on. To watch the Australia’s nightmare who has always made a statement whenever the kangaroos have tried to jump upon him. To watch the left hander who played when it mattered the most – WC finals in both the formats. To watch the captain cool who gave his fans the SIXER of life. To watch the master of yorkers without whom the Indian bowling attack can be as fragile as it can be. Yes, I am looking forward to them.



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