Mumbai Mornings: Saturday Morning at Juhu Beach

Am still waiting for the first rays of the sun as I write this. O yes, did I realize something? Juhu beach faces the WEST. How can I expect the sunrise there? Stupid guy!!!

It was such a well planned and executed morning as I decided to wake up at 5, irrespective of the time I sleep (which was 12 midnight). And yes, I did it!!! (really??? 5 o’clock on a Saturday morning? Am I a bachelor?? :P). As I reached JB, it was still a little dark. But that didn’t prevent hundreds of people to pull out themselves from their blankets and come down to do some health maintenance and enjoy the sheer awesomeness of the place. As the brightness improved, so did the awesomeness. The beauty of Arabian Sea was taking shape (if you wanna see the best of it, come in the evening by around 6).

As I walked down (the only guy in the beach with a helmet and a cross-bag…who brings helmet and a bag on a beach in the morning???), I saw people walking, jogging, running, playing football, laughing out loud (LOL – those laughter clubs), cycling, playing cricket, aerobics, yoga, gymnastics (throwing themselves around in the sand without even thinking once), moving around their dogs……huff….let me finish that with an etcetera!!!

I walked 1-1.5km (that’s what I would like to believe at least :P) and as the population density decreased around the 100m area around me, I took a walk back to where I started, still looking for a sunlight. Tired a bit of walking, I took a break – sat on the sand and enjoyed the beauty of the place. Also penning down – o sorry, we don’t pen down any longer. I texted down my experience in my Android.

And yes, finally there is some light. At the end, the sun conquers the buildings to throw some early morning rays on the beach sand. As I walk through, I realize the best things in life that brings peace of mind and happiness are absolutely free (ignoring the fuel costs of reaching Juhu). What else a person can ask for? As I walked down the other end of the beach and then back to where my sweet-heart was parked, I looked back to say good bye (good morning!!!) to the pristine sea that brings peace to this SHOR CITY!!!


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