Mumbai Mornings: Mafia Morning at Carter Road

There are times when you plan things in a certain manner and want it to be executed in exactly the same manner. And when it doesn’t you feel frustrated. But what if the way it finally gets executed becomes far better than what you had originally thought? That’s the theme I am writing this article upon.

As for my Mumbai Mornings series goes, I feel it would be far more exciting, unpredictable and full of surprises. Coming to the carter road morning, below was the script originally planned:

It would be around 6:30 in the morning when I would reach carter road – still not so bright day with sun hiding behind the concrete structures. Walking down the long stretch – a long walk, appreciating the beauty of the place, chatting simultaneously with friends on watsapp, observing the minor things happening around, thinking about what’s really happening in life, where am I going (not literally 😉 ) and of course, planning my day, my weekend, my week after and the trip to Ahmedabad. At the end of the walk, I would find a nice place for my breakfast where I would have probably a tea and something good to eat. And as the sun will rise above the tall buildings, I would go to my bike, start and reach back home.

Needless to say none of this happened. I didn’t reach at 6:30 – I wasn’t alone – it was quite hot as we reached at 7:30 – no long walk – no chatting with friends on watsapp – didn’t observe any minor things happening around – not a single introspective thought throughout and no planning for even the next minute. I did have a breakfast though, sans tea.

It all began from that ill-fated thought to take along two of my close friends in the office which eventually lead to a chain reaction to make it up a 7 member party hitting the Carter Road on a sunny Saturday morning. This is basically March-05 group – our induction group – who hangout together in our office during breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, tea breaks and, ABOVE ALL, the legen-wait for it-dary MAFIA game.

Friday evening it was, when I received a mail from Rishi on our google group (yes, we do have a google group as well) that 8 people confirmed their presence on a Saturday morning, 16kms from where we all lived. While I was confident that not even half of the population will turn up considering the pain it takes to wake up early on a Saturday morning, what I didn’t knew was that the driving force for this overwhelming response was MAFIA  (so even if the venue was Dharavi, people would have come I suppose :P). Exactly – that was the plan. And that’s what exactly happened – the first and the last thing we did during the entire trip was to play MAFIA at the Joggers’ Park adjacent to Carter Road – AND carry it forward to the breakfast café where we again played few more rounds.

While I frowned at the idea initially, more so for ruining my entire script, destiny had written a different script for me. And that script was cooler than mine. So, that’s the crux – if you think you’re cool, think again!!!

P.S.: “Legen-wait for it-dary” is the famous Barney Stinson line from How I Met Your Mother.


One thought on “Mumbai Mornings: Mafia Morning at Carter Road

  1. Thank you for your story about Masti Ki Paathshaala . Can you please provide the contact details of Navjot Foundation in Mumbai . Thank you for your help .

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