Mumbai Mornings: Santacruz Airport Boundary Wall and FilmCity

Well, the above title could have been something different. Hell yes, what’s God’s favorite sport??? Jay’s life!!! And in this game, he is Sachin Tendulkar and I am…… umm, Abey Kuruvilla!!!

This time, it was twice that the plan didn’t execute. After a failed attempt of Saturday morning, I was determined to make it up on Sunday morning – come what may. While Saturday morning was snooze button morning, Sunday morning, I did made it, albeit, 70 minutes late. But determination overcame laziness as I made it till my bike by 6:35AM when the sun had travelled about 10% of his day’s distance. By the time I reached Jogeshwari, I started weighing my efforts and imagining the end results. If it doesn’t seem good enough, don’t do it – was the call of heart. The destination was still about half n hour ahead – by the time which, it wouldn’t be anything but heat there. By the time I crossed Andheri, the damage control mode was ON. Realizing that there was no point in traveling long to eventually burn out in sun, I asked the city, “C’mon dude, surprise me!!!” The city replied, “Look at that air craft taking off in front of you.” And there was the EUREKA!!!

The Santacruz airport runway boundary wall facing the Western Express Highway always reminded me of the evening of Holi when the moon was perfectly positioned (just like in our Bollywood movies) to make it a romantic view from the other side of the highway. This time it wasn’t the moon but the sun.

Watching an aircraft take off had always fascinated me (Rang De Basanti!!!). And this time, it was accompanied by an amazing background. This ought to go into the memory lane through a picture. It took about 20-25 shots of about 6-7 take offs before convincing myself that there would be 2-3 good enough shots. Though I am not that good photographer (quite evident from the picture above) and more than that, there is as much competition a 5MP mobile camera can give to today’s SLR photographers’ gang. But more than that, the time spent standing there, waiting for that right moment to click, taught me much more about how we need the same level of patience and persistence in our lives as well. Nothing beats the feeling and the satisfaction, at the end, when we get that one perfect pic. At times, I felt I might look like a fool, standing on side of a busy road with a mobile camera in hand. But then, someone shouted from inside, “Hey, its Bombay. Don’t give a damn!!!”

At last, it was time to go……. But where??? I asked to the city again, “Now what buddy???”. The city replied, “You roam around the city to explore things. What about the place you live in?” So, I head back. Instead of taking the left to my apartments, I went straight this time. As I entered the FilmCity, I realized the makeup

vans lined up near my apartments were indeed of the actors coming down here for the shootings. More than FilmCity, it is now a SerialCity as majority of the sets I saw were of some or the other Sas-Bahu saga.

As I moved down the road with various sets (empty ones obviously as it was 7:30 in the morning – worthless to expect any shooting) on both the sides of the roads, I tried to recollect if any of those matched with any of the houses shown in any of the serials (not that I watch regularly and forget if I remember any exteriors). Quite expectedly, I couldn’t match any.

I parked my bike near one of the sets (the one shown in the picture above), and went on to explore it. One of the worker over there told me it was the set of the serial “Chhoti Bahu”. It took me a YouTube search back home to find if any such serial existed (anybody can fool me in this domain). As I explored the set, I also happened to stroll behind the set to see a beautiful landscape covering Sanjay Gandhi National Park. It would probably be one of the best sceneries in this city.

The city did SURPRIZE me once again!!!


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