My Experiences with Cooking: Pasta Indo-Italiano!!!

This is the first time I am blending the two passions of mine – writing and cooking.  I have been cooking for more than a year now and it has been a fun (and stomach) filled journey.  I have cooked many things from Indian to Italian to Mexican but it is just a drop in the ocean. The recipe I will post here will not be something complex but something which I have enjoyed doing. Coz at the end, that’s what matters!!!



Onion (1 small and finely chopped)

Olive Oil

Ginger-garlic paste

Cheeze (optional)

Pasta Seasoning

Corn (Regulary, American or Babycorn)

Tomato Ketchup



Take pasta in a pressure cooker/boiling container. Add water (approx twice the quantity of pasta). Add some olive oil so that pasta doesn’t stick to each other. Add salt to taste and put it to boil.
Once pasta is boiled, keep it separate.

Take pan and put some olive oil to heat. Add onions, salt and ginger-garlic paste and sauté for about 2 minutes. Add cheese and mix it well.

Add pasta seasoning and mix well.

Now add some corn (American sweet corn would be the best but can also do with regular corn).  Do NOT boil corn in advance since it will make the whole mixture very soft. Corn is required to add a little crispness in the dish.

Add a cup of water to the mixture and keep it for about 4 minutes.

Once some amount of water is evaporated, add a little more olive oil, pasta seasoning and ketchup.

(Adding all the seasonings and flavors in the beginning – before adding the pasta – will help flavors to mix properly and distribute equally across the mixture)

Now add the boiled pasta to the mixture. Mix it well. Add some vinegar to it.

Cook for about 4-5 minutes and keep stirring the mixture to avoid pasta to stick to the pan.


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