Mumbai Mornings: Worli Sea Face

Ever heard the phrase “Third Time Best”??? Well, I just experienced it last Sunday. After cancelling it on two consecutive weekends, it was the time I had to execute it. And so it happened. This time, let’s go to the first sea face in Mumbai (everything till Bandra is suburbs – real Mumbai starts from Mahim, as they say it).

It was early morning around 6AM that my eyes opened in excitement for another Mumbai Exploration. Although the sky outside did its bit to put me down but then determination triumphed over obstacles. Just as I kick started my bike and got out to the main road traveling just about few meters, the initial drops were felt on my hand. I kept moving and by the time I reached Aarey, the rain intensified. I parked my bike under one of the flyovers for a while but soon realized the futility of the action. It was not gonna help. You can’t escape it. Over the past few days, I observed the pattern of Mumbai rains. Mumbai rains are like Rahul Dravid – it will rain slowly but consistently and at regular intervals. Compare that with Ahmedabad rains which are like Kieron Pollard (or Yousuf Pathan for that matter) – it will rain once in a while but in leaps and bounds.

ImageHence, I kept moving while getting drenched. By the time I reached Andheri, it stopped. As I reached Santacruz, I was dry again. And just when I reached Bandra, it started again. As I reached Worli Seaface via “Mainland Mumbai” – I realized why Bandra-Worli Sea Link exists. Those confusing small roads, signals every 100m, irrational one ways and what not!!! All you need is a four-wheeler to avoid that. But then, you can’t experience those “pitter patter rain drops”, sitting in a four sided aluminum cage!!! So, it’s a trade-off you need to make. At the end, life is all about choices we make – isn’t it??

Before hopping down, I decided to take a look at the entire stretch on my cocktail red limousine!!! The beauty of the place was captivating as I drove down the stretch till the end and took the U turn to park the bike alongside. It was about 7 o’clock and the clouds were merciful enough to prevent the sunlight from sweating us off.

As I walked, I purposefully slowed down to remind myself that I am not on a post-dinner walk. The wind was blowing at its usual pace and the sea waves collided with the rocks and the stones placed at the shore. That moment when you feel like going right in the middle of the walk path towards the sea and experience the waves hitting your body is intriguing. Alas, I could only fantasize about it (at least at that time).

Taking nothing but a sigh, I walked down to see people walking, jogging, running, playing – pretty much everything I saw at Juhu Beach. I kept walking down the lane, took the pics, walked till the sea link road Imageand returned. On my way back, saw a peculiar statue of R K Lakshman sitting on the bench. One of the best ways to honor the best cartoonist in India.

As I sat on my bike to head back, I took a look at one thing that hasn’t changed since centuries in ever-changing Mumbai. Yes, without this, Mumbai is nothing. And this is one thing, nobody can ever take away from Mumbai!!!


2 thoughts on “Mumbai Mornings: Worli Sea Face

  1. Nice blog Jay. I didn’t knew u write as well. Worli Sea Face is definitly quite refreshing. Try the sea front of Amarson’s Park. I’m sure u’ll enjoy it. I like it more than Nariman Point as its sans automobiles. :))

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