Human Carelessness and Wildlife Casualty

Very recently, one of my cousins, Utsav Dave – a very skilled and passionate wildlife photographer, visited one of the forests in Gujarat, least aware that he was about to witness a tragedy that would consume lives of three innocent animals – all due to human carelessness and environmental insensitivity. His article, on the same, was published in Divya Bhaskar – the leading local language newspaper in Gujarat. Following is the translation of the same – an attempt to spread awareness about such incidents and increase our sensitivity towards our environment.

Small Carelessness Leading to Grave Casualties

Friends, this is a tale of how our little casualness can cost a life to these silent creatures of God. It is a story of how our celebration can become a tragedy for animals.

About 163km from Ahmedabad, in Sabarkantha district, is the Polo Forest. In the forest, near Harnav dam, thousands of birds, reptiles and animals come down to drink water. You can even see various types of snakes here. Here, I want to talk about how the garbage thrown by a group of tourists resulted in death of three innocent creatures.

ImageOne of the tourist groups, after wrapping up their camp, threw away their garbage into a small river flowing nearby. Among the garbage was a wired plastic bag which, flowing through the water, was stuck in the rocks. A flock of pigeon descended to the river to have water. While having water, legs of two of the pigeons were entangled in the wire of that plastic bag because of which they could not fly again. Meanwhile, a snake – checkered kneelback – saw these pigeons and approached his prey, least aware that he is in fact approaching his death. The snake also couldn’t untangle himself from the wire and all the three animals paid the price of human negligence or rather thoughtlessness towards the Mother Nature.

Any animal lover, who witnesses such tragedy, would get goosebumps. Friends, it’s a humble request to all of you to avoid spilling or throwing waste in wildlife, and also stop anyone else doing it.

“Live and let live. Let the balance in nature persist”

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