Top 10 Things We Can Never Forget About 90s – Part 2

Continued from Top 10 Things We Can Never Forget About 90s – Part 1

6. Shaktiman

90s was also the time when India got its first superhero – Shaktimaan. After watching Superman, Spiderman, Heman, Phantom, Mandrake, Tintin and what not, for decades, it was time that Indian silver screen also rises up to the occasion. The series generated a lot of buzz before the telecast itself and received amazing response (read TRP) with every kid not moving an inch between 12noon to 1PM. Shaktimaan, Tamraj Kilvish, Kampala, Shalaka, Dr. Jackal, Geeta Vishwas and above the rest, the alter ego of Shaktimaan – Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri, Gaav Bhatinda, Post Trikholi, Jila Raigdh became popular among the kids.

The producers of the serial also came up with the concept of “Chhoti chhoti magar moti baatein” which was focused on imbibing good habits and manners in the kids. However, the series made an incognito death (at least to me) as the story could not maintain the momentum and the buzz it generated initially. However, any discussion on Indian superheroes, since then, has always began with Shaktimaan.

7. Small Wonder

90s was the time also when the western silver screen also began their journey on Indian television sets. Three Stooges, I Dream of Jeannie and Small Wonder were the ones that ruled television sets. Small Wonder was the most successful and most loved one among all. The fascination of robots and seeing them in human form (although wasn’t true) itself generated lot of interest among the kids. Club it with humor a perfect recipe for kids.

A part of the reason for the serials success was also high quality dubbing (at least by the standards of that time) that made use of colloquial and contemporary Hindi (or Hinglish as you may say), made the conversations sound more realistic.

8. Indian Pepsicola

ImageWhile the country was watching the Cola Wars during 90s, there was one small cola that was ruling among the Indian middle class kids. Made up of ice and flavoring syrup (and germs, mud, thrash etc etc as our elders used to say!!), the one rupee pepsicola was THE THING to have, especially in summers. It was the “Drinks Break” drink during cricket matches in the scorching heat of April and May.

Those were the times, when fun used to cost no more than a rupee or two, sometimes even free. Besides the 1 rupee pepsicola, 1 rupee munchies called Jagatkaka ni Pepi was also popular among kids, at least in the state of Gujarat.

9. WWF

90s was the time when kids would list out names like Undertaker, Bret “Hit Man” Hart, Shawn Michels, Diesel, Hulk Hogan, Yokozuna, Kane, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Rock even if you wake them up in the middle of the night. Kids might get bored with Statistics subject in school but not with statistics like height, weight, fights fought, rank, biceps and chest. Extra ordinary biceps, free style wrestling, the crowd, grand entries and many other things attracted the kids of 90s. Of course, it was sexier than the desi kushti.

The WWF players’ cards also found a special place in school bags and kids cabinets. Bollywood was also not behind in cashing on the popularity of WWF. The 1996 Akshay Kumar action thriller Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi featured two of the former WWF wrestlers – kids actually thought, at that time, that the real Undertaker had acted in the movie.

10. Bournvita Quiz Contest

While serials and cartoons ruled the major part of Indian television in the 90s, this unique quiz show is one thing that motivated every kid around the country to study hard. Popular as “BQC”, the show originally began in 1972 on radio. In June 1992, it was aired for the first time on television on Zee TV and since then it became a dream of millions of kids across the country to represent their schools in this prestigious quiz contest.

The variety of rounds, questions from anything under the sun, good prize money and the intensity of the participants made it everything required to make it a successful show.


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