The best 30 sentences I have come across in my life…. Don’t know how many do I follow and how many I would be able to follow… More – the better!!


1. There is never a wrong time to say “I love you.” Say it when you feel it, in whatever way you can. Mean it when you say it. Say it often.

2. The list of food that does not pair well with wine is exceptionally small.

3. Asking questions is the best way to learn something new. Never be afraid of looking foolish. It is foolishness that helps us grow.

4. Be patient with people. They’re still learning. So are you.

5. Pick your battles. Stand up and fight for what’s important to you. Be flexible and forgiving about everything else.

6. Shoes that hurt your feet are never worth it.

7. No one is exempt from heartbreak. We are all tender and delicate beings. Remember this above all else. Be gentle with others and with yourself.

8. A handwritten letter is always more meaningful than an email. Always.


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