Pasta – with Banana Chips and Ketchup


Fusilli Pasta – Picture Source – Wikipedia

It has already been one month since I am in US and having loved cooking for like 4 years now, I was really not interested in having anymore ready-to-eat stuff. While missing my cooking for long now, I purchased a pack of something which I love to cook the most – Fusilli pasta (they have some good organic stuff at Randalls, which I was very much impressed with). I had the oil, pepper and ketchup which would be enough to make it up for some basic ingredients, I could remember at that time. I took the seasoning to add to the spice (I am making Indian style pasta – without any separate sauce).

As I opened my recipe (I posted it in this blog on June 03, 2012), I realized I didn’t had onions, ginger-garlic paste, cheese, corn and vinegar. The first two were essentially very necessary to set it off. So all I had was corn fusilli pasta, corn oil, pepper, pasta seasoning and ketchup. Now, all this can still make a decent one – but what do you do to make it a mean one. So, as they say, “necessity is the mother of all inventions” – I had to invent something. When I cook pasta – my concern is also with respect to the crispiness factor, if I have most of the basic ingredients. Generally a crunchy snack can make it good, so I looked into my snacks cabinet – which was essentially empty except for a packet of banana chips. So – there it is……. Let’s Experiment!!!

It turned out to be pretty good and I would definitely share the way I did it. Only one thing I missed at the end was vinegar. You can even replace that with lime juice.

This can be pretty handful when you don’t have a full fledged kitchen and want to avoid unhealthy restaurant food.  I have even tried the same with gram flour vermicelli and works well too.

What you need?

Pasta – 200g




Pasta Seasoning

Oil (Olive would be the best)

Banana chips

Serves – 2

How do you make it?

Take 200g pasta in a pot. Add water (approx twice the quantity of pasta). Add some corn oil (olive would be the best) so that pasta doesn’t stick to each other. Add salt to taste and put it to boil for about 20 minutes. Keep stirring periodically and make sure they don’t stick to the bottom of the pot.

Once pasta is boiled, keep it separate.

ImageTake pan and put some corn oil to heat. Add some salt (remember, you already added salt while boiling the pasta, so keep that in mind and add accordingly here) and pepper once the oil comes to heat. Now add crushed (small pieces) banana chips (1.5 handful) into the pan. Add pasta seasoning and mix well.

Add a cup of water to the mixture and keep it for about 4 minutes.

Once some amount of water is evaporated, add a little more olive oil, pasta seasoning and ketchup.

(Adding all the seasonings and flavors in the beginning – before adding the pasta – will help flavors to mix properly and distribute equally across the mixture)

Now add the boiled pasta to the mixture. Mix it well. Add some vinegar to it (I didn’t because I did not have it but it would be a necessity).

Cook for about 4-5 minutes and keep stirring the mixture to avoid pasta to stick to the pan.

Your pasta is ready!!!


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