One more day, when I conquered laziness and sweat myself on that treadmill for 3.75 miles and 46 minutes and another 15 minutes with other exercises. While it has been so many days since last one month, it never occurred to me to write about this until today when I actually have another topic to write about (watch out for it!!!). Off late, while writing on serious topics from gun control to crimes against women, I thought it would be a good change to write on something which is light and enjoyable. So, here it is – something which I have been doing in my life diligently since last one month.

ImageThe toughest part of spending an hour in a gym is beginning that hour – especially for me. It takes considerable amount of thought to step out of the room and hit the gym. Being an Indian and that too, a Gujarati, God did not really make us for the workouts. Give us your money and we will manage your finances or run a business – but it’s not so much us to build those six packs – we are happy with a family pack!!!

But yes, these days people, doesn’t matter where they are from, are conscious about health. It has been quite some time since I have been receiving comments on putting on weight, more since I have left the healthy South Indian food of Hyderabad and entered the Pav culture of Mumbai (to name a few VadaPav, BhajjiPav, SamosaPav, UsalPav, MisalPav, BhaajiPav and <ANYTHING>Pav). Not that it affects me but when I know that someday I am definitely gonna get diabetes (I love sweets, so before I get that, I wanna eat them all) and more weight will only aggravate it, it makes a certain amount of workout very necessary.

And off late, I have been enjoying it, especially the treadmill – running long distances. I like when I sweat. I like when I have run enough to be short of breath and have to wait for some minutes to get it to normal. It gives a sense of gratification (may be symbolism) that you’re doing something besides just working, eating and sleeping. With desk jobs to be a reality of life, a workout, at least 4-5 days a week is definitely required. At this stage, I like it more in the gym instead of running outside because I have the complete control over the speed, the distance, the time and I can have a target which I can measure and know exactly how much I have exceeded it every next time.

Also, I plan to participate in next year’s Mumbai half marathon (21 kilometers) and I have already reached a little more than the quarter of half marathon (3.75 miles = 6 kilometers). It is something I wanted to do this year but found myself short of time to do that. It is quite interesting to see variety of purposes why people run in a marathon based on the messages we see – from social causes to just keep them fit. And people in my friend circle have been participating wherever they are – Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore – may be overseas as well. I am not sure about my purpose at this point of time – but yes, such a platform can definitely be used for a better cause than just running.


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