The Best Valentine Gift

As they say, the Valentine’s Day is celebrated essentially to remember the sacrifice of Saint Valentine and express your love to your beloved in otherwise a very busy life of ours. However, as I watch TV and surf the internet, the valentine’s week is the week full of offers on almost everything – from chocolates, flowers, teddy bears and gifts to lavish dinners, customized to your requirements and what not.

It essentially becomes an industry in itself which mints billions in a single day, every year, with around 1 billion Valentine cards are sent across in the US alone; about 8 billion candy hearts; more than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate sold; over 50 million roses are given worldwide.

But does it take dollars to express what you feel? Are the social norms above love? Is it the pressure of catching up with the new generation customs has to take priority over what you actually should be doing? While there are many couple who do not support the idea of celebrating one day to express love but then there was a couple (although virtual) who set Imagethe example that tears apart all those expensive roses, fluffy teddy bears and lavish dinners.

A girl friend gets away with romantic dinners, gifts and PDAs to spend time at her boyfriend’s home, watching HIS favorite movie, ordering a pizza and just have a good time. And boyfriend, in return, gives her an official form which states his girlfriend as his “in case of emergency” contact. Those who love watching Big Bang Theory, and are in the US, would instantly recognize this.

This example says it all – the things that matter the most in this world are FREE. Not to say that those who spend money do not love truly but then, at the end, if expressing your love costs you a grand (even in INR); it’s not really worth it – because at the end, what matters is what’s in your heart and not what’s in your pocket.


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