There is something special about the sea which has always attracted me. Of all the natural beauties of nature, sea is something which amazes me. The waves that come to the shore and go back. World changes every second and it changes drastically over the years – one thing that remains there is the sea.

Majority of world’s best cities (Europe being the exception) – Mumbai, New York, Dubai, Rio De Janeiro, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Tokyo, San Francisco, Cape Town, Melbourne – are at sea coast. It adds to the beauty of the city besides the money part.

That’s what excited me about Mumbai as well when I moved here. Although there was a slight twist in what I imagined from what I saw – the overrated Juhu beach and compare it with pristine Amarson’s Park or even Worli Seaface. The peace of mind you get when you just sit there on the shore soil and watch the waves (if there is a sunset or sunrise – consider yourself lucky!!) is¬†incomparable.



This year beginning I visited Dubai for a vacation. While Dubai doesn’t have much to offer except for shopping – I found the best place I have visited on earth till date. I should rather say places, as it was difficult to decide which one was better.

Al Mamzar:

This is a quiet beach located north to Dubai and very close to Sharjah. The amazingly calm sea water and the skyline on the other side of the U-shape back-waters kind of area was a perfect recipe for a wonderful morning one can ask for. It is one place you must go if you visit Dubai/Sharjah – especially if you’re a beach lover like me.



Sharjah Corniche:

Dubai attracts majority of the tourists among all the emirates in UAE (which is actually the primary source of income for Dubai). But even Sharjah is also a place to be if you’re not among those “tick-mark” tourists (who travel only to make sure they have seen all the must-see places and have a picture of it as a proof to show it to their friends and family). The Sharjah corniche actually amazed me more than Al Mamzar by the view it provided. Although a lot more man-made compared to Al Mamzar, I would give complete credit to the Sheikh of Sharjah for creating a beauty out of nothing. The pics will say the rest of the story…





One thought on “Sea

  1. While the beauty of sea can make u spend hrs at a beach…what inspires more is the vastness and limitlessness. Helps to open up mind to thoughts beyond obvious and routine. A message that life has a lot in store for u; yet to be explored…

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