ImageEvery guy in the world should have at least one best female friend – need not necessarily the life partner – but someone with whom he can share almost everything without being judged. It is said to be very difficult to gain trust of a women, but once you get that, rest assured of her to be with you in all of your good and bad times. Having said that, the difficult part is to find that right female friend.

For male friends, let’s just say “Jo dost kameeney nahi hotey, woh kameeney dost nahi hotey!!” (friends who aren’t rascals, those rascals aren’t friends!!) J.

Luckily, I have been blessed with three best female friends – the best part of my stint at Hyderabad. Sometimes life has better things stored in for you than you could imagine. Timings are just perfect in retrospection when at-that-moment you feel strangled. I did realize why I was to stay there for the time I stayed there. I thank the almighty for that – yes, ALMIGHTY (I am a semi-atheist, in a way – I do believe in a higher power but don’t see them in temples, mosques, churches etc when they say that GOD IS EVERYWHERE!!).

Enough has been written about the importance of women in our lives, so no point on going all around it again. They are the reason why we are all here today. This Women’s Day Radio Mirchi Ahmedabad floated around a jingle – “What do we-men do without women”. Well, that says it all. A right woman can bring a turnaround in your life which you would have never expected – and the intensity is equally opposite when the decision goes wrong.

Pooja, Aditi and Akanksha – it has been an honor to have three friends like you in my life. I have the capacity for just one more… hee hee… and the slot is expected to be filled soon in next few years.


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