Love Thy Self

ImageYou know it isn’t real. But you wish it was real. Sometimes letting go something which is not real and you wished it was, is very difficult. It’s painful but you have to do it. More painful is endorsing something which you have always felt unreal but turns out to be a reality.

Life teaches you so many lessons – some are learnt the hard way. A small portion of that is also learnt in a way where you are stripped off naked to see yourself in the most original manner and embrace the reality. It happens especially when you want to pretend yourself to be different then what you are. You are not ready to be real YOU because you HATE the REAL YOU and LOVE the IMAGINARY YOU. But life has its own ways to put you in front of mirror.

So, how do you help yourself not get into that situation? Don’t just accept – but love yourself for who you are. You are the only one like you. It’s difficult when you feel you are being judged by hundreds of people you interact with on a daily basis. It’s difficult when you look “outside” for acceptability rather than “inside” for love. Nobody can love you more than you. Love thy self – it’s not just an English phrase – it means something as well.


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