Lemon Tea

It is a usual weekday evening. I am back home after a tiring day. Mom is sitting out there at the window with a cup of lemon tea she made for me and her. I am doing some stuff on my laptop while she is sitting at the window. She turns around and says “Have you ever sat on this window at this time of the day” (it was about 7pm I guess). I replied, “No”. She says “There is a life outside laptop”. Obviously, I got the hint and left my machine. The next 10-15 minutes, I experienced what I never cared for about a year.

Although I lived in an 11th floor flat with a ¾th door size sliding window facing Western Express Highway (more importantly Oberoi Mall) with no other building interrupting the cool breeze (at least theoretically – so much so for wishful thinking), I never opened the window – mainly because of the traffic noise. It opened only when Mom would be in the house. In fact, all the windows always used to remain open when she would be in the house. But post that conversation; I make it a point to enjoy what nature has to offer me in this Maximum City and what my flat is positioned for.

ImageI do enjoy the noise (as much as I thought I would hate it). Because that’s what this city is meant for. I do enjoy the air – at least little less polluted 11 floors high from the ground. I do enjoy the view of the highway and the tall buildings behind that. This view tells the entire story of the city.

Highway is the lifeline of the western suburb – at least for road traffic – without which, the city will come to standstill or at least won’t run the pace at which the world is moving.

The tall buildings is what this city is heading for – vertical expansion.

The traffic depicts millions of people who have arrived and settled here to fulfill their dreams. Some have done that – some are in process of making them true and the rest still struggling.

The noise becomes music after this.

Today, after a demanding day at work, I come back home – run some errands – make a cup of lemon tea for myself – open the window – put on some amazing old songs (like this) and enjoy peaceful 20 minutes from my life. I have done it several times since Mom left and have no words to express the delight. In a tech savvy modern world, it is our parents who bring us back to our roots, our mother nature and our culture.


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