I have been thinking about how to start this for very long time and I guess I go about the most straight forward manner  – HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to all those who are reading this post.

As the first Sunday of the August approaches, it makes me feel to spend some time on how blessed I have been all these years to meet people who have made my life, actually a LIFE!!!

People who loved me for who I am, shaped me as a person I am today, made me feel home away from home, screamed “PARTY!!!!” on my achievements, held my hand in my toughest times and said “Everything would be fine”, spent time with me just to not make me feel alone, made me realize if I was making any mistakes, guided me in my confusions – personal and professional, been partners in crime (:P), held my secrets, pulled me out from my troubles and it goes on and on……

Last 6 years I have spent a huge chunk of time with only friends. I have relied on people whom I didn’t know for long, taking a leap of faith that they won’t betray me. Trusting them for some of the most important things. Believing that they won’t judge me. Many of them turned out to be the ones whom I can call up in the middle of the night and they would come down wherever I am. But more than that, they have shaped me as a more mature human being. If I remember each of them, I realize how much I have to learn from each of them and what am I losing if I am not doing that. Three people deserve a special mention here

Krutika – I can’t imagine our family without you. You’re the bond that holds us together. If there is one person who understands me the most and who have been with me at all times. Love you sweetheart!!!

Pranay – dude, if I have to learn unconditional friendship, you’re the one who comes to my mind. I have been blessed to have you – brother from another mother!!

Pooja – I owe you big time for being there and helping me out in my toughest days. All the good time spent with you, Aditi and Akanksha makes me feel lucky.

And as mentioned the list is endless…….. Sanjay, Dharmendra, Nidhi, Aditi, Akanksha, Rishi, Seshadri, Ajay, Chinmay, Dhara and……

These are the people who made me believe that I must have done something good somewhere in the past for which I am getting the payback. I won’t be able to make it up to you guys even after many births for what have you all been in my life.



5 thoughts on “Friends!!!

  1. This is a really beautiful post my friend! It was very emotive and I did nothing but think about the people in my own life that I can rely on, and that have seen me in some of my depths of despair.
    I can see solely from this blog that you love your friends dearly and are grateful to them, for being there for you. Thank you for posting this and allowing me to smile, I genuinely feel blessed that I was able to read it.

      • It really isn’t a problem. Thank you, but it’s not quite Friendship Day in England at the moment; it’s still August 3rd, unfortunately. 😦

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