Few weeks back there was a burglary at my aunt’s place. I was talking back home after the day’s work at office when my sister told about this. Although this is not the first time I had heard about this thing happening to any of our family members, I wasn’t really sure how to react. Call it lack of experience or may be maturity, but what exactly the kind of words do you use while speaking to people who has just lost their years of hard work within few hours when they were not at home.

Nonetheless I called up (completely unsure of what I would speak – just left it to my wisdom at that moment) and was able to speak to my cousin. It happened for good, as I would have certainly been more comfortable talking to her in these situations. While police was doing its work, we already had our thinking caps on. Especially, the way theft was executed, ruled out the possibility of doing it without internal help. Uncle and aunty have been philanthropic in nature and have tremendous trust on the people they interact with. They provide materials donation to the poor and needy on various festivals and other occasions. In front of their bunglow gate, they have extended a water line to put a tap where people can come and drink water. This is more specifically for the daily wagers who work at construction sites nearby. Almost everyone from servant to postman to plumber to electrician had very close relationship with them and knew more about them than what normally these folks would know.

Image Source: Sampson's Bark

Image Source: Sampson’s Bark

While almost everyone of us were very much convinced of an insider hand into this, aunty completely ruled out the possibility. While she did not have a logical reason for the same, it was just the faith and trust on her “karma” that made her believe that. Sometimes it’s very difficult to understand this. We, as the next generation, has evolved or been trained to be more fact-focused then intuition. We excel in math and logical reasoning. We call people who believe in faith as irrational.

10 days later, police caught all the five criminals involved in the burglary. Contrary to everyone’s expectations, none of them were or were connected to anybody known to the family. It was a completely outsider job and criminals had executed such crimes earlier as well.

I met aunty when I visited home last weekend. Although the thieves have been caught and police is in process to see if they can recover the stolen items, she was more happy about the fact that their trust on the people they had for all these years was still intact. Money, if lost, can still be recovered. Trust, if lost, is lost forever.

To be honest, it is difficult for me to understand this level of trust to anybody. The belief that humanity does exist is one thing, but taking it to the whole new level and demonstrating its validity is something which this incident depicted. It is extremely difficult to exercise it in today’s world when we hear about all kinds of crimes, majority of them executed by insiders.

Taking aside crimes, there are occasions when we are betrayed by people and we feel bad about it. But if I think about it, it is, in a way, better to be betrayed by a person after trusting that person, rather than not trusting an honest person. We should take basic precautions necessary but then the underlying belief in humanity is what will make the world, a better place to live.



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