To Write or Not to Write!!

If anybody is asked a question – what is the most difficult thing while writing on any topic?

Most of the people will think about answers like structure, content, language, research etc. It does appear like that as well when people try to see what writers struggle with, based on the reviews/comments.
But ask any writer and he/she will have some different answer, probably a completely different answer.
I have realized this as I have been writing my blog for more than two years. Not to say that I am a proper writer but then two years is enough time to understand some of the problems that most writers face. There have been months when my blog didn’t see any articles and there have been months with flood of write ups every week. There have been times when I have wondered whether I am taking this seriously enough or whether I am really meant for it. While there are doubts on my intentions, there are doubts also on my ability. There have been times when I have reviewed my lifestyle to see if I can find something out to understand the reasons behind the dry spells.
calvin-and-hobbes-on-writing-3Many writers might relate to this scenario. Finding a topic to write is the single most difficult thing than writing on the topic itself. It becomes even more difficult plus important when writers have an audience to cater to.
Thankfully I don’t have a defined audience to write for, not my blog is so popular to attract criticism. Basically nothing to lose. But many times, I get frustrated when I am not able to find topics to write. It is even more frustrating when I have had a topic in mind at a point of time but by the time I sit to pen it down, which sometimes runs into days often, I lose the feel of the topic – as Irfan Khan said in one of his movies “moment chala gaya”. Eventually I end up dropping it. Be it technical or non-technical writing, able to find a right topic to write and something for which you have passionate feelings is a very rare occasion.
Once the topic is set, rest of the things like structure and content automatically starts falling into place most of the times. Even if it doesn’t, it is a fractionally extra effort compared to the overall effort.
So, what do I do when I am not able to find a topic to write?
I write on why I couldn’t write šŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “To Write or Not to Write!!

  1. I am arguably the worst case of this disease . (6 blogs in 3 years) .
    Finding a topic is tough and then sometimes you have so many topics in your mind that choosing one becomes difficult.

    But for me the biggest problem comes after choosing a topic. The fact that you find the topic so interesting comes with the fear of ruining it with your writing. So you maintain the status quo . (Not writing). Come to think of it that is true with so many things in life.

    So i only write when the fear of not writing anything outweighs the fear of writing badly

    • It’s not the fear of writing badly but the fear of people judging you on the basis of that or the risk of exposing your feelings in front of the world. I sometimes feel the same.

      It’s difficult not to think about it but not impossible.

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