My Way AND the Highway


How many times it has happened to you that you really wanted to do something but you couldn’t? Most of us experience this at least once. And there are various reasons to it – mostly our fears. Fear of being judged, fear of failure, fear of society, fear of change, fear of being alone in that task, fear of losing what we have right now, fear of ridicule, fear of rejection, fear of betrayal and so many others.

Yesterday I watched “Highway” with some of my friends. The movie is a story of a happy go lucky girl, Veera, whose life suddenly changes upside down when she is abducted by a gangster, Mahabir. The movie then revolves around her abduction and her journey with Mahabir on highways of North India in his truck. The most amazing part of the story is how she finds freedom within captivity. Veera  loved her new-found freedom, far away from her rich family traditions and mannerisms, to the extent that even Mahabir is unable to get rid of her in spite of several attempts.
Patakha Guddi
In one of the scenes, she tells Mahabir, “With you, I feel like I can do anything and you will be there to take care of everything.” In another instance, she tells, “I neither want to go back to the place from where you brought me, nor to the place where you are going to take me, but this road is very good, I don’t want to leave it.”

Sometimes we are too comfortable in our existing set ups that we lose the vision of what we want. Even the things for which we have vision, lay around unattended in our daily chaos. The ones for which we have given some attention, do not materialize due to our fears. They are there in the back of our minds, lying in our subconscious, visiting us sometimes during our bed times. We envision that second life without compulsions, obligations and unwanted responsibilities. We are never able to get out of the status quo. We end up convincing our mind that we are, what our destiny wanted us to be. In our childhood we used to change our dream profession every week. Today, forget profession, we can’t even change our projects in a single year.

As Thomas Edison said once,  “There is a Great Value in Disaster, Because We can start all over again”. At some point of time, we all have wanted that disaster to happen – but not be accountable for it – for it would become an additional burden with guilt feeling. But that disaster to give us a chance to start afresh and do what we have always wanted to be. Freedom to do whatever we want and not worrying about the results is amazing. It is empowering. It is refreshing. It is thrilling. It gives us confidence and belief that we can dare to do something unconventional even if we fail while doing so.

Majority of people’s course of life rests on such disasters. The rest, become Sachin Tendulkar, Garry Kasparov, Kiran Bedi and Kalpana Chawla.

2 thoughts on “My Way AND the Highway

  1. A wonderful and relatively less discussed message was how the relationship was defined…something that adds to one’s alleviating our fears…because there is a trust of not being judged; of acceptance of the way things are…because the moment one is being brings a certain kind of mental captivity which is worse than physical one.

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