The Great Indian Cricket Fan

Over 11 – 64/2  –> OK, we can safely bet 100 more in next 9 overs. So, about 160 for sure!!

Over 12 – 73/2  –> Hmm, going fine

Over 13 – 83/2  –> Wow, Kohli is a class. All Yuvi has to do is to give him strike…

Over 14 – 93/2  –> Super…. But now we really need a BIG ONE with 15-20 runs!!

Over 15 – 95/2  –> What the hell did just happen?? Either hit or get out at least…. Get Raina in!!

Over 16 – 111/2 –> Even with best estimates…..150 at max.

Over 17 – 115/2 –> Damn!! We have lost it….. yuvi, ab to out ho ja!!

Over 18 – 119/2 –> !@@$#^%@$^!@!%!^$@^!$^#@!

Over 19 – 123/3 –> Finally!! But too little too late? Are we playing an ODI?

Over 20 – 130/4 –> Lankans bowled really well. Even Dhoni couldn’t pull it off!!


While March 06, 2014 would be the day every one of us would want to forget, probably one person would never be able to, even if he wants to. The prince of Indian cricket had an off day on the field, unfortunately when it mattered the most. While the rest of the team was battling against Sri Lanka, the prince was fighting a parallel battle – with himself. As he saw himself faltering on both the fronts, it was a matter of time before his fight would come to an end.

But what happened off the crease with him was far more unfortunate and disastrous than what happened on the crease. As India saw them being humbled at 130 and easily chased by the Lankans, prince’s house in Chandigarh was showered with stones. The angry fans, obviously, had to vent their frustration out. Where else would they go but the player who wasted 10 balls out of 21 he played? Of course, the rest of 99 balls played by the team DO NOT COUNT.

It does not matter if our amazing openers provided a super slow start with 50 runs in 9 overs.

It also doesn’t matter that keeping aside Kohli and Yuvraj, the entire team “smashed” three boundaries in the 41 balls that they played.

Also, it doesn’t matter if Amit Mishra went for a bumper prize of 29 runs in the two crucial overs he bowled.

Also, it doesn’t matter that Sri Lanka actually bowled amazingly well in death overs with almost unplayable wide yorkers, especially by the FATHER OF DEATH OVERS – MALINGA to whom even our Helicopter pilot had no answer!!


We just have to find one scape goat, finish our beer, scroll the TV channels for few more minutes, swear at Yuvi again, feel bad for RCB, crib for tomorrow is Monday and then go to sleep.

We completely forget that this is the same man who gave a chance to our DADA to remove his shirt at Lords, some 12 years back. This is the same man, who gave Stuart Broad the most horrific six minutes of his cricket career, about 7 years back, credit – Flintoff. This is the same man, who battled breathing difficulties, nausea and bouts of vomiting blood to give the GOD of CRICKET – the cup of his life!! Had he not been there, GOD would have retired from his passion with one milestone unachieved. Also, how does it matter, if he is the top runs scorer in T20 Internationals for India?

Yes, the people who pelted stones on his house are Bharat Ratnas who have devoted their lives for their country. They are the ones who practice hard on the field day in and day out. They are the ones who have fought cancer in their lives and came back to the sport smashing 77 of 35 in a comeback match against the top notch Australian bowling attack.

One match is what matters. Of course yes!

1-2 half centuries, few sixes in first couple of matches playing for RCB and the next day headlines will say – YUVI – THE GREATEST T20 PLAYER OF ALL TIMES – IS BACK WITH A BANG!!!


Typical Indians cricket fans have shorter memory than Gajini and smaller brain than mice to understand the game. Once again we proved – we don’t know how to respect our heroes – from freedom fighters to sports icons.

As rightly said by Sachin – he can be criticized, but not crucified. He is far from being written off.




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