Misplaced Protest


Finally, after two weeks of unending protests, boycotts, vandalism and accusations, since its release, I managed to watch PK two weeks back. While I was already planning to watch it for sure, the protests that followed, added more spice to the entire plan. I am sure it did the same for millions as well who watched the movie. Unfortunately, I had been a bit too busy with my life which didn’t allow me to watch the movie early and then to complete this post on time.

There had been a lot of hue and cry (or should I say anger and violence!) over how it is an out and out anti-Hindu movie and highly offensive to the religious sentiments of the majority. In India, you can mess with anything but religion. And when your movie’s theme itself is satire on religious malpractices, you must expect firecrackers (metaphorically) irrespective of whether you are correct or not.

But this isn’t the first time. Before PK, it was, Oh My God. However, OMG did it in slightly less explicit manner than PK. Also, OMG was a little more balanced in terms of taking a dig at religious malpractices. Having said that, doesn’t mean that PK has been biased. Unfortunately, Rajkumar Hirani gave the ammunitions to the extremists by casting Amir Khan as a lead actor. That’s where OMG survived the ire with Paresh Rawal. But, at the same time, purely from the acting point of view, no other actor would have been as great as Amir to play the character of PK.  The movie rightly points out the religious malpractices rampant across the country which leads to so much waste of money, time and energy every day. That amount is way too high compared to what the movie has earned so far.

I came across the following, the other day, which makes a failed attempt to take a dig at PK.


The only logical answer to this would be – Well, yes, do that and don’t watch the movie. If you are able to get the message the film wants to convey and follow it as well, without watching the movie, work is done for the makers of the movie anyway!


The Concept of Religion:

It needs to be said today that religion is for people and not the other way round. PK explained the concept very easily when the protagonist mentions that if you take away the religion from people, they will feel hopeless. Even if false, presence of God, gives them hope – a reason to live. But the question is – which GOD? Unfortunately, people who are into the business of religion don’t know the answer to this question – as shown in the movie when Saurabh Shukla was speechless. Such uncomfortable questions being asked through the movie will affect their business negatively and make their survival difficult – which led to such protests.


Religious Disrespect:

The unfortunate allegation on the movie is that it has been disrespectful to the religion. The truth that I see is that the movie is disrespectful to people who do business of religion – the character of Saurabh Shukla. But more unfortunate is the question by protestors is that why other religions are not maligned? It exposes a dangerous mentality that if rest of the religions were equally disrespected, it would have been fine? Hinduism says “ekam sat vipra bahudha vadanti” (Truth is one, there are many paths to reach there). This, inherently, assumes respect for all other faiths and non-tolerance to disrespect for any religion.


A Dig on Amir Khan:

The fact that 99% of the movie cast and crew are Hindus completely ridicules the allegations on Amir Khan. In addition, about 75-80% people who have watched the movie would be Hindus who have not found it offensive. The reason is that they are not the ones who are doing the business of religion. It is also the reason why the movie has been all time highest grossing till date.


Lord Shiva Scene:

I had heard a lot about the Lord Shiva scene that was alleged to be highly offensive to the Hindu community. Needless to say, when I watched that scene, all I could see is a person playing a character of Lord Shiva in a function and being chased by someone who thought he is the actual Lord Shiva. Imagine a situation where you show the photo of Lord Shiva to a 2-3 year boy and tell him that this God will solve all your problems. What reaction would you expect from him when he is in real trouble (say his toy is missing) and this person, playing a character of Lord Shiva, comes in front of him in the exact same get up that the kid saw in the photo?


To be honest, if one WANTS to get offended, she/he can get offended by every single movie. Every movie will show someone or the other in bad light. Here is the small list:

Pyaar Ka Punchnaama: Highly offensive to girls

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai: Offensive to girls who don’t behave girly (SRK is never attracted to Kajol till she behaves like a girl)

Vivah: Strengthens the prejudice against dark skin girls

Dhoom Series: Offensive to Mumbai Police. Shows them in bad light every single time.

Hum Saath Saath Hai: Offensive to adopted children

Gangs of Wasseypur: Offensive to the people of Dhanbad

Rohit Shetty Movies: Offensive to car manufacturers

Sajid Khan Movies: Offensive to everyone


On a serious note and looking at the brighter side, sense has prevailed in the majority of the Indians and protested against the protests in a non-violent way by making the movie the greatest success of all times in the Indian cinema. That is the best answer Indians can give to religious intolerance that the country’s culture disapproves of.


One thought on “Misplaced Protest

  1. A protest misplaced indeed!!!!….It seems the ppl who ignited the protest had googled….upcoming movie + religion + India :p…since they didnt have anything since long to create a buzz. And what best could be than a Raj Kumar Hirani movie with casting of Aamir Khan…What feels unfortunate is that – such sparks on religion are very quick in causing the fire in our country…The sensitivity to the term “religion” is very high. People wont wait even to understand the entire matter. So any random small happening in some corner of the country is enough. Fir ye to blockbuster movie thi…
    Coming to the point….the argument put fwd in the post is very strong…with major instances of the movie being taken care of. Examples of other movies for which the protest could have been ignited strongly ridicules the protest against PK.
    Comparison of alien with a child is apt…the world is equally strange to the alien as it is to a child!!

    It needs to be clearly understood that religion is for people (means the concept of “God” is for people and it is for everyone of us). The term has always been used to answer the questions/happenings which we think are not under our control . So we need a third party to be a medium channel between us and god. We fail to understand that if this universal supreme (“God”) exists and in case one intends to connect with him…it can only be DIRECT….because the term “God” is equal mystery to the priest as it is to us. And the very fact that the pathway to God in different religions are contradicting (very aptly shown in the movie PK)…itself proves that….atleast those religious malpractices are not going to help us meet the almighty. And to be very frank…why exactly do we waste our resources in something for which the end result is never measurable/apparant/or is always dicey…rather let us invest on things which give us apparant outcomes. Bring smile to the face of a child…and the momentory happiness will make u feel near to “God”.

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