Movie Review: Dil Dhadakne Do

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

DDD peeps into the hollow life under the glittering lifestyle of a wealthy Mehra family. It is the depiction of the same, through the eyes of their pet dog, which is the charm of the movie. The story is beautifully written and well supported by the able direction and the editing. The hypocrisy, backbiting, jealousy, conspiracies and biases of the wealthy Indian business class has been all well captured under the blanket of humor that stays throughout the movie. The movie does well to depict the issue and ends with the message on the missing fundamental in the modern Indian family, at large, let alone billionaires.

Given that this is only the third full movie of Zoya Akhtar, discounting Bombay Talkies, she does a commendable job in elevating an average plot to a fun filled entertainer. The idea behind picturization of the song “Gallan Goodiyan” is novel and worked amazingly well. Special kudos to the cameraman and all the actors for the song. The music gels well with the movie and none of the songs appear to be a force fit.

Zoya has also been able to squeeze out the best of Ranveer Singh, so far, who stands out of the pack in spite of the stalwarts like Anil Kapoor and PC. His expressions and comic timing is something to watch for in the movie. Anil Kapoor, in a gray haired avatar which we never want to see, has been another gem of the movie in the role of a successful yet struggling businessman and a frustrated husband and father. Shefali Shah has complemented well with her acting talent. While it is quite difficult to digest Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra playing siblings, both of them depicted the sibling chemistry quite well.

The dialogues have a great punch, coupled with impeccable timing. All the supporting actors have acted brilliantly to ensure there are no dark patches in the entire movie.

What I particularly liked was the to-the-point ending of the movie that drifts away from traditional bollywood modus operandi. Zoya and the editors, Anand Subaya and Manan Mehta, took enough care that there was no point wasting time on the obvious and instead, focused the climax on the heart of the movie – the central message – on family relationships. Full marks to the team on this.


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