Irani Cafes Mumbai: Yazdani Bakery


It’s been more than three years for me in Mumbai but surprisingly I never visited any of the much famous Parsi bakeries of the city. These bakeries are a heritage of the city and probably the only thing, apart from the sea, that hasn’t changed with the changing times. Last week, we opened our account finally. A few minutes of Google search and some more minutes, reading the reviews, and we narrowed down to the famous Yazdani Bakery in Colaba to get the first taste of the Irani food in the city.

With a very strong legacy of more than six decades, Yazdani Bakery takes you back in time just as you enter the small but very distinct building at Cawasji Patel Road, Colaba. The bakery is home to some of the most amazing bakery items along with the traditional Irani Chai.

We reached around late evening and all the tables were occupied. This is where our regular restaurants and cafe practices, to prefer and look for a separate table, went for a toss. As we looked around, with certain hopelessness, for few seconds, the staff realized that we are the first timers. The old man, the owner of the bakery, at the cash counter asked one of the waiters to get us a seat. We shared a four person table where a couple was already seated. Even though the place is very famous, they haven’t tried to expand the capacity, perhaps. In fact, the people serving also seemed to be there for years.


As we comforted ourselves, I looked around and felt like I was in 40s and 50s. There were couple of certificates, photographs and a German signboard hanging on the wall I was facing. It also had an old pendulum clock. The pendulum wasn’t functioning and the clock did not have a seconds hand either but it was still showing correct time. So much for the vintage, I thought. The old man at the cash counter told us that one of the photograph was of Mr. Universe of that time. The owners have maintained the heritage and have been rightly awarded the Urban Heritage & Citizens Award. The paint, the windows, the photos on the wall – everything brings back the memories of the era of the rotary dial telephones. An interesting point I noted was of the waiters who kept the track of bill incrementally without any order note. Order was taken orally and served mostly in less than a minute. It is a cash only place, so you may not worry about carrying your credit/debit card.


We ordered the food. Although we couldn’t get hold of apple pie as it was sold out for the day, the classic brun maska, IMAG2689bread pudding and khari biscuit were a treasure. Khari was distinctively different but very crisp and tasty. Perfect partner for the Irani Chai, which might be too different if you are not used to that taste. However, it was very well made. I liked the bread pudding, although my wife didn’t find it good. .

As we finished, we inquired about the various breads they make in house. Unfortunately, everything  was sold out for the day. So, I guess next time we might just reach around 3:30PM to be able to taste the famous apple pie as well as get those breads for ourselves.

Yazdani Bakery is definitely a MUST VISIT places if you want to know the real and traditional Bombay!


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