Movie Review: Drishyam

Drishyam is an intense story of an average middle class family caught into a “legally wrong morally right” act from which they have to escape any which way. The only way they can do that is to be together come what may. Just like in the trailer, it shows that a person can go to any extent for his/her family. Shot in the backdrop of Goa, it shows a Marathi family putting every bit of their energy (physical and mental) in escaping from the claws of our legal system for a supposed crime. But when it comes to family, there is nothing right or wrong.

Story is meticulously written and all the pieces explained and tied up perfectly. It keeps surprising you till the last scene. The twists and turns in the movie has been well conceptualized and ensures that audience keeps guessing the next scene even though the movie is more of a thriller. This is one of those rare movies that shows a flawless plan executed to perfection without any loopholes unlike other planning based movies  like Players, Dhoom 3 etc where directors take things for granted due to their “chalta hai” and “Bollywood movies mein aisa hi hota hai” attitude. All kudos to the story writer, Jeethu Joseph and Upendra Sidhaye, for a perfect story.
Ajay Devgn has given a memorable performance with his effortless acting. His eyes do most of the talking. He plays a role of a street smart person, a family man and extremely protective for his family. Tabu has been a little weak, mainly in terms of dialog delivery, compared to her performance in Haidar but does well enough to give justice to her role. Other actors – Shriya Saran, Rajat Kapoor, Ishita Dutta – have complemented the efforts of leading stars very well. A special watchout for the youngest kid among the fantastic four, Mrinal Jhadhav (other three – Ajay Devgan, Shriya Saran and Ishita Dutta), who holds up with the big shots through her brilliant performance.
At the end, Drishyam compels you to put yourself in the shoes of Vijay Salgaonkar and think about right and wrong. It is a must watch.

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