It’s An Abbreviated World


At the lunch table today, I was having a conversation with one of my colleagues who looked a little relaxed after a long time. Her projects had drained her out off late and perhaps, after a long time, she has some relaxed time.

“How is your project going on?, I said.
“Finally its reaching completion. But there’s another one which is going on crazy. Although I’ve got a good practice of handling crazy projects in last couple of months, so this one is manageable”, she said.
“That’s cool”, I said.

” It looks like my professional life is all about three letter abbreviations. My projects, client names, divisions with which I interact. They all are abbreviated to three letters”, she said before enumerating them to me.

A few months back I read a facebook status of one of my friends where he tried to find reasons for why we use so many acronyms. To look cool? To save time? For marketing? There might be few others as well. However, we are rapidly moving to the world where abbreviations are penetrating very quickly into our lives.

The bus in our city is BEST or BRTS or DTC
The train ticket we book is having a URL that says IRCTC
The phone that we use is HTC (High Tech Corporation – how many of you knew that?? 😉 )
The laptop from which I am posting this is HP.
The milk that we consume everyday is AMUL.
That Ganesh idol that got immersed few days back in the sea was made up of POP
The watch that your father has cherished is HMT
That car that you dream about is BMW
Almost all the B-schools are known by acronyms – IIM, XLRI, MDI
People don’t go to Cafe Coffee Day these days. They go to CCD (pron: Sis-d)
The southern side of Bombay is proudly called SoBo.
Delhites enjoy shopping and hanging out at CP while they live in GK
The last play you watched was perhaps at NCPA
When was the last time you updated your FB status?
You probably forgot to RSVP that invitation your friend sent last week.
Youngsters remember classic movies through abbreviations like DCH, ZNMD, YJHD.
People express their condolences in RIP

And these are the things outside professional environment. The speed with which our world is getting abbreviated is a little scary.

Off late, I have seen people who abbreviate their names in their email signatures. Just the initials of their first and the last names. Sometimes just the initial of their first name. O yes, that’s how I should be recognizing them!!

Sometimes abbreviations backfire too. Nobody would be want to abbreviate Wisconsin Tourism Federation, South Lake Union Trolley, Semiconductor Equipment Communication Standard, National Union of Teachers, Short Term Disability, American Symphony Orchestra League or Tamilnadu Advanced Technical Training Institute,

No doubt that abbreviations makes things easy. But sometimes it takes the whole essence out of the terminology and trivializes the whole idea behind setting up that terminology itself. And in worst cases, it can embarrass you for life.


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