Why I Try to Travel to a Place and not Visit


While going to Dallas on a United flight, I came across this cover story in their magazine, Hemisphere, by Nicholas Dorenzo on his three days trip to San Juan in Puerto Rico.

Beautifully written, it made me want to go there instantly. More so, because his travel actually involved lot of interaction with the locals and understanding of the history, culture, cuisines and customs of the place rather than just tick marking the spots. Of course, that’s why it made it to the cover story. But the point is very few tourists indulge in this kind of travel.

It’s in the last one year, that I have tried to make deliberate efforts to move away from conventional traveling methods of most of the tourists. Luckily for me, I have had a chance of staying in some of the most happening places of the world like London and Paris. And thus, got a chance to interact and make locals as friends as well. And that’s how I understand how overrated the so-called “tourist attractions” are.

For example, unlike what people think, Paris is not just Eiffel tower or Mona Lisa. For me, Paris is about taking a nice morning or evening walk along the river Sienne or enjoying street dance in the evening at Champs-Élysées or listening to live music in a metro or enjoying the breathtaking view of the city from the top at Sacré-Coeur. And perhaps much more. Eiffel tower doesn’t excite me and Mona Lisa is overrated.

It’s my Day 3 in the US and yesterday I went to New York city. While I got to see Times Square and a huge Christmas tree decorated at Rockefeller center, what really excited me was the breathtaking view of the NYC from my friend’s office on 23rd floor. What I enjoyed the most was a heart to heart conversation with another friend while relaxing on a chair with a view of evening lights out on Lexington avenue. What intrigued me was the depiction of the history on the walls of Port Authority station. Yes, Manhattan skyline is exciting but not beyond 10 seconds.

I guess one life is not enough anyway to see everything. And no matter what you do, you’ll miss something or the other (drawn from a dialogue in one of the Bollywood movies). So it’s better to enjoy fully, whatever you see.

Recently, my aunt and uncle made a trip to South America. I loved the way they captured last level of details of the places they visited and explained it when they uploaded the photos on Facebook. Certainly inspiring and showed that they actually “traveled”, instead of “visited” South America.

Traveling is evolving and the trends show that people are opening up to being more unconventional in the way they travel. In India, for example, couple of years ago, package tours were on the rise. However, off late, with more and authentic information available over internet through sites like TripAdvisor, all that people ask for are good deals on tickets and prepare their itinerary on their own. With better highways, road trips is the new fad. So much so, that in last one year I’ve came across three stories of people driving down from India to Europe.

If it continues, soon, the unconventional might become the new convention.


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