So I was into the US Social Security Administration office, waiting for my turn to apply for SSN.

As our token numbered approached, a 60-70 something man opened the door and shouted my token number. I raised my hand and proceeded towards the direction he pointed out.
“C’mon in, young man”, he said.
A pretty neat desk with only a computer, key board and a mouse on it. All the less essential items were on the table behind him. The partition wall at his desk had a number of things. But what caught my attention was the Veteran Creed that read out.
I have seen and done things that many will not understand.
A member of the team spanning the world
I have served my country proudly and now standby to serve my brothers and sisters in arms
I will never accept defeat
As I was reading it, the veteran asked, “Am I reading this correctly? First Name, Last Name and Middle Name” – confirming the mother’s name in my passport.
“No, its like the First Name, Middle Name and the Last Name. And the middle name there is the first name above that – that’s my father’s name”, I clarified.
“Oh alright. I love Indian passports. You guys mention both of your parents names in passport. I like it. I don’t see that in other passports and it surprises me.”
It kind of drove me into two parallel thoughts. One was on how US manages to respect their heroes and instilling pride in them, something where India still struggles and has a dire need to correct it. And not just arms, but even critical services like firemen, policemen, traffic policemen etc. Perhaps the reason why people think these are some of the most thankless jobs in India. It is not the pay that hurts, but lack of general respect in the society which hurts these people who risk their lives to make our life safe.
On the other hand, the veteran was happy on a small gesture of mentioning parent’s names in passports. I am not completely sure but I guess the general perception is that Indians do well when it comes to respecting and treating parents well. Although, I don’t subscribe to the stereotyping by Indians that American kids are spoiled and they ill treat their parents, since I have seen American families and their bonding. But of course, if American kids might not be mentioning their parents in their passports, it may be because the parents leave their kids on their own once they are 18. And that’s where it is different from how it works in India.
Before I could say something on the Veteran Creed to make him feel a bit better, he stacked the papers and said,
“So, young man. You are good to go. You should receive your document in next two weeks. If you don’t, just let us know and we will help you out. You have a great day!!!”

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