Jibber Jabber


So, it’s been more than three months since I’ve posted anything on my blog. No, I’ve written a lot. But almost all of them were movie and restaurant reviews for my other blog, Tripadvisor, Yelp, Zomato and Google Maps. While that does count in writing but the essential blogging piece was missing.

It’s not like nothing occurred to me post-worthy. Plenty of topics crossed my mind but never materialized into a post for various reasons. Sometimes I was just too busy with many things on my plate. Recently we moved to Cincinnati and the initial few days have largely been around finding a house, setting things up and so on. Other times, I did scribble a couple of things but nothing that compelled me or my wife, who generally proofreads it. Every single day went by as an alarm that my blog is awaiting my next thought.

My wife said that it’s perhaps because my writing standard has improved and I’m more picky on what to write since the bar is higher now. It’s either that or it’s a high wall, not the bar, that nothing even slides through it.

And then, yesterday I came across a post of one of my university acquaintance, who is a very good blogger by the way, where she talked about the blogging dry spell. I guess, I’m not the only one. And this is not the first dry spell. I have had multiple in the past but once you’ve been blogging for so long, it’s a little inexplicable.

A lot of times I asked myself if I have become over cautious in what I write or penning (or if I may say typing) down my thoughts? Or is it really that I am becoming picky about the things that I write? Or do I still think it is worth devoting time? Am I still able to balance my other responsibilities, professionally and personally, if I devote time to blogging? And, is it such a big deal as well, if I don’t write for a couple of weeks? Yes, the answer to the last question is totally up to me. I keep a to-do list almost every day that includes even the most insignificant things. And yet, almost every day, I end up with a couple of things, not checked, that spill over to next day and sometimes the cascading effect creates a backlog of a week or more.

And I guess, it reached its breaking point, when I read that post. So, even if it wasn’t meant to be, but for once, let’s just do it. Even if it meant, just doing some jibber jabber.

And yes, after reading this, you’ll realize, it’s not even that when you Google the word “jibber jabber” , just like I did after finishing this entire piece and wondered what does this word “exactly” mean.


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